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Christina Aguilera - Christmas Time

Christmas Time Artist: Christina Aguilera Label: RCA Director: Larry Jordan Album: Scenes

Source: http://www.mtv.com/overdrive/?artist=509026&vid=55278

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Critics agree the film's seven-screen display is a unique experience that hooks audiences.
By Fallon Prinzivalli

<P><a href="http://www.mtv.com/music/artist/west_kanye/artist.jhtml">Kanye West</a>'s latest project comes in the form of his <a href="/news/articles/1685715/kanye-west-cruel-summer-premiere.jhtml">short film "Cruel Summer,"</a> which the rapper produced, wrote and directed. He premiered the experimental 30-minute flick in Cannes during the city's famous film festival, providing the audience with a unique experience. Instead of watching the film on one large screen, viewers watched it on seven separate displays, which sometimes showed different angles of each shot at once.</P><P>The movie centers on Kid Cudi, who plays a car thief who falls head over heels for a blind Arabian princess. And while the story entertained those in attendance, critics agree that the film's spectacle and music are what hooked audiences.</P><P><big><b>The Story</b></big><br> "Cudi stars as a thief of high-end sports cars who falls in love with a blind Arabic princess. But the princess' father won't allow the pair to marry unless the thief can help her see, so the hero must find a way to make it happen (metaphorically). The story is secondary to the pyrotechnics, with new music from West and a thumping surround-sound quality that makes a 3-D Michael Bay effort feel like an iPad short." &#8212; Steven Zeitchik, <a href="http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/movies/2012/05/kanye-west-cannes-movie-theaters-cruel-summer.html?track=icymi" target="_blank">24 Frames</a></P><P><big><b>The Experience</b></big><br> "Inside the tall white pyramid, seven huge screens were installed in front of padded bleacher-style seating: five in a three-180-degree panorama, one on the ceiling, and one below the stands. ... The film felt like a mash-up of high-gloss Doug Aitken-style video installations, concert video backing panels, and narrative, big-budget music-videos. The movie flickers to life on the ceiling screen, as a hatch opens and boots drop through and onto the screen below. Soon, masked car thieves played by the G.O.O.D. Music crew survey the sports cars in a posh garage, while a masked Kanye and Kid Cudi engage in a Tarantino-style pop-culture debate. ... After bickering, they jump into Lamborghinis and shoot down the streets of Doha to a remix of West's recent single 'Mercy.' Then the soundtrack downshifts into a remix of Salem's 'I'm Still in the Night' as the film becomes more of a mythic romance, replete with Arabic architecture, desert vistas, and flowing fabrics." &#8212; Logan Hill, <a href="http://www.gq.com/entertainment/tv/blogs/the-stream/2012/05/kanye-big-sean-kid-cudi-and-others-on-kanyes-7-screen-cannes-film.html#ixzz1vnugXpjd" target="_blank"><i>GQ</i></a></P><P><big><b>The Sound</b></big><br> "The film is heavy on the use of music and sound, the seats often shaking from the bass. Several times during the under-30 minute clip, the audience would sway to the beat of the songs, which often feature music from West's G.O.O.D. music album." &#8212; Rebecca Ford, <a href="http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/kanye-west-kim-kardashian-cannes-jay-z-premiere-328795" target="_blank"><i>The Hollywood Reporter</i></a></P><P><big><b>The Final Word</b></big><br> "The big takeaway here for the average Kanye fan is that there's new music involved, although it's unclear if that new music is off the G.O.O.D. Music album, was put together just for the flick, or will be released in some as-yet-undecided (but definitely revolutionary) form.</P><P>But as a vocal, unashamed fan of 'Ye's 'Runaway' movie, I actually can't wait to see this, Kid Cudi-leading-blind-girl-around-by-strings and everything. Will it be released online? In movie theaters? Or will there be a traveling seven-screen beach pyramid that you and I can one day immerse ourselves in? Dare to dream. Dare to dream." &#8212; Amos Barshad, <a href="http://www.complex.com/music/2012/05/find-out-what-kanye-wests-cruel-summer-film-is-all-about" target="_blank">Grantland</a></p>

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The Throne don't appear in their new 'No Church in the Wild' video, but deliver a powerful clip all the same.
By Rob Markman

<P>"Power concedes nothing without a demand": If a quote could sum up the Throne's <a href="/news/articles/1669254/watch-the-throne-track-breakdown.jhtml">"No Church in the Wild"</a> music video, Frederick Douglass' famed call for revolution might do it best.</P><P>Neither <a href="http://www.mtv.com/music/artist/west_kanye/artist.jhtml">Kanye West</a> nor <a href="http://www.mtv.com/music/artist/jay_z/artist.jhtml">Jay-Z</a> actually appear in their Romain Gavras-directed <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=FJt7gNi3Nr4" target="_blank">clip,</a> which was released online Tuesday (May 29) &#8212; and, frankly, an appearance by the megastar duo could've very well hindered the powerful message they were trying to send.</P><P>Moments before the beat builds, we see a young masked revolutionary ignite a Molotov cocktail and walk in slow motion toward a wall of police officers who stand unified, draped in riot gear. The clash begins with a fiery explosion in the middle of a Prague street. Gavras depicts a power struggle familiar to people all across the globe, whether in Los Angeles in 1992 or London in 2011.</P><P>Set to the buzzing drums of the 88-Keys and Yeezy-produced track, ill-equipped freedom fighters with nothing to lose wage war against an oppressive regime. Of course, there is nothing in the video that directly details a specific storyline or plot: Instead, viewers are expected to rely on their own interpretations of the scenes that look taken straight from CNN.</P><P>Fearless protestors hurl stones and fight armed officers using only their bare fists. In one scene, a cop who rides atop a horse chases a revolutionary down an alleyway and beats him with a club. Young men are beaten, choked, sprayed with mace and dragged across the concrete as <a href="http://www.mtv.com/music/artist/ocean_frank/artist.jhtml">Frank Ocean</a> soulfully croons, "Will he make it out alive?" in time with the staged anarchy.</P><P>The gritty violence and social commentary are reminiscent of Gavras' video for M.I.A.'s "Born Free." Though "No Church" isn't as graphic (there's no nudity or massive death scenes), it is moving all the same.</P><P>By the end of the five-minute video, the freedom fighters seem to have notched a victory of some sort, standing in triumph in the face of their oppressors. But even if a single battle is won, there is no conclusive ending, meaning that the war still rages on.</P><P>One of the catchiest lines in the song is a party-weary Kanye spitting, "Sunglasses and Advil/ Last night was mad real." After the track's war-torn visual, the lyric can (and should) take on new meaning.</P><P><i>Share your thoughts on the "No Church in the Wild" video in the comments!</i></p>

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Billboard Music Award winner's breakup with Florence and the Machine guitarist 'not a nasty thing.'
By Kara Warner

<P><a href="http://www.mtv.com/music/artist/perry_katy/artist.jhtml">Katy Perry</a>'s love life is making headlines once again. The pop princess has reportedly split with relatively short-term love Robert Ackroyd.</P><P>According to <a href="http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/katy-perry-splits-from-robert-ackroyd-sings-about-divorce-2012215" target="_blank"><i>Us Weekly</i></a>, the "Part of Me" singer and the Florence and the Machine guitarist parted ways very amicably, due in large part to the fact that they were dating for only a few weeks.</P><P>"It wasn't that serious," a source told the magazine of Perry's relationship with Ackroyd. "It's not a nasty thing, and they are still talking, but Katy told him to do his thing, and they'll talk soon."</P><P>Another source added, "No hard feelings. She's really busy, and so is he."</P><P>News of <a href="http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1683664/katy-perry-robert-ackroyd-kissing.jhtml">Perry and Ackroyd's romance</a> broke last month when the pair were spotted holding hands, kissing and generally canoodling at the Coachella music festival in California.</P><P>The 27-year-old is reportedly still recovering from her highly publicized <a href="http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1676631/katy-perry-russell-brand-divorce-details.jhtml">breakup with husband Russell Brand</a> back in December after two years of marriage. She has yet to speak publicly about the split, but during her acceptance speech of the Spotlight Award at Sunday night's<a href="http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1685463/katy-perry-part-of-me-wide-awake-billboard-music-awards.jhtml"><i>Billboard</i> Music Awards</a>, she hinted that her new single, "Wide Awake," might reflect emotions she dealt with regarding the divorce.</P><P>"Tonight, later, when I get on the stage, I'm going to be singing my personal, intimate song," she said, before shouting out her date. "The real rock star here is my grandmother. She's 91, and she's from Las Vegas. I can't wait to go and do shots with you after this!"</P><P><center><a href="http://www.mtv.com/photos/?fid=1617615"><img src="http://www.mtv.com/news/photos/s/spotted/banner/spotted.jpg"></a></center></p>

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OMFG, Check out Miley Cyrus' engagement ring! In case you don't live/ breathe /stalk Miley Cyrus like we do, you may have not heard that the "Party in the USA" singer is engaged, y'all! And while we've been basking right along with girl's "new fiance'" glow (and enjoying picking out wedding dresses for her), we've [...]

Source: http://buzzworthy.mtv.com/2012/06/07/miley-cyrus-engagement-ring-lax-photo/

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